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Jun 15, Chinese money plant has rounded, glossy, deep green-colored leaves that are very pleasant looking. Unfortunately, dropping leaves is a common problem we’ll encounter with this plant. You may have wondered to yourself, Chinese money plant dropping its leaves due to poor soil drainage, overwatering or stumpfelling.clubted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Dec 29, If your money tree leaves are yellowing and falling, your plant probably is getting too much sun or too much water. It will also drop leaves with Missing: Buford GA. Money Trees thrive in bright indirect light, but not in prolonged, direct sunlight. Too much direct sun can lead to “leaf scorch” in which the leaves will begin to dehydrate, brown and drop. The Solution: Move your plant to an area where it will receive bright, indirect stumpfelling.clubg: Buford GA.

Losing Leaves Leaves falling off of a money tree generally indicate that the plant is being improperly watered. The color of the leaves tells you if you need to increase or decrease the amount of water you are giving your plant.

I was just checking because I didn't want it to be something I was doing wrong.

If the leaves are turning yellow and dropping off, you are giving too little stumpfelling.clubg: Buford GA. Nitrogen deficiency, chronic under or over watering, spider mites, inadequate lighting, “decorative” pots with no drainage holes, and chronic low temperatures can all cause a house plant’s leaves to yellow and fall.

“Money trees” that people buy as novelty items are typically from the Pachira genus, native to Central and South America (which always amuses me because they're usually sold as Chinese Missing: Buford GA. Jun 27, Location: Atlanta, GA. I bought (err, more like rescued) a money tree from Ikea not too long ago.

Three of the leaves do not come to a point and instead, are just the opposite of that, making a heart or M shape at the end (I hope that is clear enough, heh). These same three deformed leaves are all on the same leaflet.

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